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Hey gals, I woke up late this morning (already 11 a.m.) because I slept again after Subuh prayer (like my usual routine). Last night, my roommate and I already that we gonna settled up our homework, at least one subject, then we gonna watch horror movie. So, I suggested to watch White: The melody of the curse. This movie I knew it from someone of the bloggers. She wrote a review about this movie. It captivated my attention.

But, one thing is 'aku sangatlah penakut tapi nak tengok jugak cerita hantu ni'. Almost at 2 a.m. we finished watching that movie.

Girls, today entry is about my favorite makeup brand. I was like thinking this entry title many times. To share my favorite makeup brand, then should I go for branded products or drugstores? But, I'm only using drugstore products (HAHAHAHHA). So, I decided to share myfavorite drugstore products only.


This brand quite familiar in USA. The first product I use from this brand is blush. My friend gave me as my birthday present this year. That was the first time I knew that brand. I fall in love with this brand because it packaging very nice though. Looks like Tarte brand, very exclusive. Tambahan, dia punya warna blush, bronzer, contour and highlight semuanya warna favorite aku which is rose pink, orange nude and nude brown. You guys can check out this website to see the products! The latest, I bought foundation compact powder from this brand. Sangatlah masuk dengan kulit. I pakai sikit foundation liquid then I applied that compact powder. So, tahan lama laa jugak bedak tersebut.


Rimmel is super cheap in US! That why I choose Rimmel for my foundation. Dan memang this foundation sangat masuk dengan kulit Beeha. And it has two choices, yang merah tahan 24 jam dan bau wangi sangat, manakala yang biru tahan lebih kurang 12 jam but banyak pilihan warna. But, I heard that Rimmel in Malaysia is soo expensive. Is it right? I've no idea why is super expensive in Malaysia even I convert the price in US to Malaysia, it's still out of my mind. Too much different! You gals can read my entry about Rimmel Insane Price which is I made comparison between US price and Malaysia price.


This one also a popular drugstore brand in Malaysia and USA. I generally buy mascara, BB cream, concealer from this brand. Affordable price. The most I like is mascara. A lot type of mascara you can choose and buy. I prefer the one can thicken and lengthen my eyelashes. Hahahahaa. I ni terlalu adore sangat nak bulu mata melentik! So, just use mascara and pengepit bulu mata itu penting supaya nak kepit bulu mata tu bagi naik sikit. Then, barulah pakai mascara. And make sure teknik tu kena betul. Who knows the technique to put the mascara? If you gals still wonder, do comment if you need  me to share the technique. 😙

So, this is the TOP 3 makeup brand that I like the most! All above are drugstores. Harga In shaa Allah mampu milik but only for the Rimmel yang mahal sangat di Malaysia. No worries kalau you nak boleh laa pesan dekat I. Tapi dua tahun lagi laa baru nak balik Malaysia. If you wanna me to post the things, memang tak berbaloi lah. Baik beli dekat Malaysia.😁

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  1. rimmel is quite expensive tho. maybelline, catrice and essence also good as drugstore product ^^

  2. Where can I get rimmel tu ye? Thanks

    1. I've checked at Lazada, they have promotion right now. Feel free to check it at Lazada website.

  3. Antara semua tu moi pernah pakai Maybelline punya je hehe 😂

  4. Kak Sue pernah cuba Maybeline ja.. tu pun jarang guna 😉

  5. Can I come again to your blog after two years ? Haha. I want that Rimmel. Selalu beli makeup direct dari korea sebab murah :)

  6. Saya pun suka brand ini. Murah dan berbaloi.


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