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Hi bloggers! After so long I did not update any blog tutorials.. So, this is the latest tutorial I have. Who already sign up for Bloglovin'? Raise your hands people. Hahahha. I think Bloglovin' is not a new platform anymore, I can see a lot of people which is not Malaysian bloggers using this platform. It is kinda a blog too. But, I rarely used it. I concentrate more on blogging at

If you guys followed me at the Bloglovin, I'm so sorry because I do not post anything yet! Even my template also I do not set up yet. Because I dunno how to apply same template into Bloglovin'. I hope someone who knows how to upload a blogger template into Bloglovin, please tell me or you do a tutorial, and mention me the link. ;)

So, for now I have one tutorial on how to add Bloglovin' button to your blog. So, who wanna follow you at the Bloglovin, can easily click that button. Like me, I put the Bloglovin' button at the bottom of my other social medias button (right sidebar, follow us section).

Follow these steps:

1. First and foremost, you need to log in or sign up if you do not have this account.

Second step

2. You need to click your profile picture on the right above and it will appear a box under it. Then, click widget as in the picture above.

Third step

3. You need to click "get this widget". You can choose either on the left or right version.

Forth step

4. Highlight the code that already created in the box, and copy them. Don't miss any code, make sure you copy correctly.

5. Then, go to your blog Layout and click "Add A Gadget" in the sidebar of your blog. Choose "add HTML/Javascript". Paste the code that you already copy just now. Click "save" button.

6. Done. So you can preview your blog.

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  1. thankyou for the tuto :) sekarang dah boleh letak kat sidebar ^^


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