Hi Bloggers! My name is Nabihah Azman. I'm blogger from Penang, Malaysia. I'm 20 years old (2017) and currently study in Biomedical Engineering at USA. I started blogging since 2015 and my younger sister inspired me to continue blogging. Actually, I felt I wanna blogging since 12 years old and I did create a blogger account. But, I didn't know the right topics and focus subject for my blog, so I stopped blogging and deleted it.

At the end of the year 2015, I started blogging again! Right now, I'm focusing more to my personal sharing of my experiences. I do love photography! So, stay tuned for my tips about photography. In addition, I'm also interested in sharing my make-up tips and also my travel diaries!

Hopefully, you guys enjoy my writing and sharing! Feel free to leave some comments on my entries. :)