New Collection Colourpop!

Hi, Assalamua'laikum bloggers.

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. Harini Beeha nak share dengan korang semua a happy news! My friend and I just started small business which we sell authentic makeup from USA. For now, we are only taking preorder for Colourpop brand. Glossier and Kylie are coming later.. Whoever interested to buy Colourpop makeup, you guys can check out our instagram, @dmakeuphub! Just DM us if you want to place order. Because this brand is from USA, it takes about 14-20 business days to arrive to your house! It can be delayed due to our situation with COVID19 now.

These are some palettes that we take for preorder. The bottom palettes are the newest collection! If you want to see more, do click @dmakeuphub!
More to come! Do check our instagram frequently. 😁

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  1. Yasss for Glossier! I can't wait!
    Dah setahun lebih tunggu, ada je yang amik order for glossier tapi mahal sangat, baik kumpul duit beli sendiri hahaha
    But here's to your new business!

  2. Cantikkkkk! Good luck with the business, Beeha! <3


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