Pap Smear Experience

Assalamua'laikum bloggers! I'm back with new story. Quite interesting! And really want to share my experience doing Pap Smear or it can be called as Pap Test. This is my first time doing the test. Of course, I was very nervous! Luckily, I can sleep the night before the test.

Getting ready for the test?

Before that, I want to share what is the Pap test for? It is actually a screening test for cervical cancer. It tests the presence of precancerous on your cervix. It is recommended for girls/women 21 years old and above to do the test once in three years. If you want to know more, you guys can take a look on this WEBSITE

But there is one Q&A that catch my eyes. See below.. So, this test not only for girls yang sexually active. Sesiapa pun disarankan untuk buat test ni tiga tahun sekali. Expecially, 21 years old above! This age has high risk for getting this cancer cervix.

How often do you need a Pap Test? Here the answers ;)

In waiting room.

Macam biasa, ikut procedure Health Clinic di USA kena isi borang, check suhu badan (due to COVID19) and wait for them to call you. Masa Beeha sampai dekat situ, I forgot to wear face mask. So, they gave one for me! After a few minutes waiting outside, they called my name. I was getting nervous! They took weight and measured my height. After that, they brought me to a room. The health clinic employee asked me few questions, such as do I allergic to any medicine? how many siblings I have? do they have health issue? do I have other health issue today? and etc. Then, took my blood pressure reading. The Pap Test was not start yet.

I needed to wait for the doctor. Just now, she was not a doctor maybe a health clinic assistant? About 5 minutes, the doctor came. Again, she asked a lot of questions. How's my day? How's your period cycle? Has normal discharged? Sexually active? Do you active sports? Any allergic you have? Are you feeling good? Do you have depression these few weeks? And I was like... She seemed can read my mind. Hahahha. She told me this was apart of COVID19 questions and also just to ensure I'm good for today test.

So, instead of pakai baju hospital.. Diaorang bagi Beeha pakai gown yang diperbuat ala-ala dari tisu mungkin. Tapi yang tak mudah terkoyak. I think they use this kind of gown sebab situation COVID19 sekarang. Nak elakkan dari share pakaian. So, better use yang pakai buang macam ni. Feeling awkward tho at that time. Paling Beeha cuak, kalau terkoyak macam mana ni. Hahhaha. You guys can see the picture below!

She gave me 5 minutes to undress all my cloth. Then, Beeha terus duduk dekat kerusi baring tu. First, the doctor did physical exam. Checked my ear, nose and mouth. Checked my heartbeat, abdomen and also breast test. This is also my first time did the breast test. AWKWARD again.. But, she reminded me to check the breast every month usually a few days after your period ended. Do not know how to do breast self-exam?? Click HERE. Finally, is it the time for Pap Test! I was anxious and frightened. Beeha sempat lagi tanya, "Is it pain doing this test?" And she answered,"Ermm, I cannot lie. But, I don't want to frighten you either. And you also don't have sexual intercourse experience. What I can say, it causes some pressure in your vagina. Don't worry, I will help you.. I will say when is the right time for you to take a deep breath because it can help you relax your muscle and reduce the pain." 

Okay, I think I'm ready... Doctor asked me to lie down and push forward my butt until I felt I wanted to fall from that chair, but not really fall down. Kiranya, punggung Beeha tu betul betul hujung kerusi tu lah. Then, dia tarik tempat letak kaki and I need to put my leg on that. 

So you girls can see macam picture kat atas tu. I'm not really remember the name of the devices she used for the test. Therefore, I found the picture above from Mr. Google! She did show me all the devices she used and explained to me how she's going to do. Even heard her explanation, I could imagine how's the situation for next minutes. T.T

Doktor tu pun cakap dia ready nak masukkan speculum dalam vagina. She asked me to take a deep breath and blow it slowly. It just last for few seconds onlyyyy!! After that, I said "Argh!" Even though, Beeha dah try to relax tapi tak jadi.. So, my butt contracted and tensed up. I could not bear the pain.. Bukannya nak takotkan korang, tapi ni first time yang rasa macam tak boleh tahan laa rasa nak jerit. Mulut dah kering dah waktu tu. Dengan pakai mask lagi, rasa macam tak cukup oxygen! Tiba-tiba terbayang macam mana la mak-mak melahirkan anak tu. Mesti lagi sakit. Aku yang sikit macam ni pun dah rasa nak nangis.

So, she stopped for a while, and asked me either I'm okay or not for her to continue push the speculum. Dia cakap kena sampai click tu baru okey dia nak amik sample. Lima kali jugak laa dia push the speculum and the last click tu baru success. I did not know how to describe.. Rasa senak and sakit sikit. Dah siap ambil sample, dia masukkan pula dua jari dalam vagina untuk check kedudukan cervix. But, it did not take too much time for the test. Last thing, the doctor took my blood sample for HIV test. The doctor said it took few days to get the result. If the result is good, she will email me. If not, she will call me and setup for the next appointment. 

This Pap Test is covered under my health insurance for every three years. Untuk kat Malaysia, Beeha tak familiar adakah klinik kesihatan adakan free Pap test? Anyone yang tahu boleh comment di bawah. 😁

I just want to create awareness for the girls and women out there. So please, even though you are not married yet, you are recommended to do this test every three years. Better prevent than cure right? Kadang kita rasa kita okey, but dalaman kita tak tahu. So, it worth to take this test. In addition, please do your breast self-exam every month too. Bila dah tahu your breast condition, so it is easy for you to detect any breast cancer symptoms.

P/S: Dah balik rumah tu ada bleeding sikit, but don't worry doctor cakap itu benda biasa. Time nak kencing tu, I was a bit worry and sikit laa rasa ngilu. Sekali jer, after that I'm okay! ^^

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  1. Good sharing for girls out there yang tertanya2 pasal pap smear and prosedur. I tak pernah buat pap smear. tapi ada buat beberapa test untuk check rahim, cek tiub fallopio, dan buat operataion untuk laparoscopic. Semua ni usaha TTC i (usaha untuk hamil). cek tiub fallopio tu lebih kurang mcm pap smear, masukkan speculum dan inject dye untuk tengok keadaan tiub fallopio.

  2. sy pernah buat skali ms lps branak..
    mmg seriau fikirkan mulut itik tu.. hahaha

  3. Nak ambil tapi takut! I dah la tak boleh sakit sikit

  4. Pap smear and dental check up is the same to me.
    Scary but necessary. Kudos to you Beeha for plucked up the courage and do it because like you said, better prevent than cure.


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