4 Weeks Before Final

Hey girls! I'm missing to write a blog. I hate the promise that I've made - to post an entry at least once a week. Where is your promise Biha? 😔 Sorry my blog, I already broke that promise. I have exams every two weeks. What a university life? Can I go back to college life? I have a lot of times to watch dramas and movies. I can hangout with friends even on weekdays. Everyday call my parents. Heyy, it's already one week I didn't call them. Please I don't wanna be a rude daughter. It doesn't mean I forget them. Always before sleep, I remember their faces. I wanna go home. 😭 This few weeks, I really stress with the exams. Struggle to maintain the A for every subject. The A grade in USA is 94. 89 you already get a B+.

The first reason I struggle so much for this semester because this is my second freshman year. The courses are not hard compared to Junior Year and Senior Year. Other than that, I need to apply to enter Biomedical Engineering Department for next semester. Therefore, this semester I must get a good result because this is the requirement to enter that department. Currently, I already add classes for next semester and one of the Biomedical courses did not get permission yet for me to add that class because I needed to wait for final grade. Aaaaa, again. I'm afraid about this. In shaa Allah, I believe I can do this no matter what. I believe He will help me.

1.39 p.m. :

I'm writing this post at the library. I already finished my programming homework just now. Then, I left the ET building and came here to study for another subject. I realized I didn't bring my laptop. So, I just used the library computer. I didn't study, but writing the blog instead. Hahaa. I wanna do itinerary for our Winter break this year, but then I do not bring my journal (everything I already wrote in there).

Okay, I think I feel so hungry. I wanna hurry up go back home and have my late lunch. I usually lunch at 1 p.m. So, 2 p.m. is late lunch for me because I have gastritis. Always need to be punctual about my eating schedule. Bye my blog and bloggers. See you!

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  1. Good luck beeha for your coming exam..

  2. TIngginya grade A di USA. Good luck Beeha!! :)

  3. Be strong girl. All da best for you upcoming exams. u can do it. have faith in Him no matter what.

  4. poor you my sister , but i do wish that you will come home dengan segera ya <3

  5. good luck beeha..belajar rajin-rajin..

  6. hye beeha. salam perkenalan. saya dah follow awak disini.. btw, good luck for your final exam nanti k

  7. Hi salam singgah sini lagi :)

    Btw jom join GA saya!


  8. I don't think I'm late yet.. All the best for your final, gurl..! <3

  9. waa nangis mcm tu 94 pun dpt B,,the struggle is reall,goodluck beeha ! :D

    1. Ehh ehh, I think you misread my sentence. 94 is A. 89 is B+. :)

  10. good luck dear biha. tingginya markah nak dpt A. menangis kejap baca. by the way semoga semua dipermudahkan ye and take care :)


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