3 hours in IUPUI Library

by - 10/21/2017 05:47:00 PM

My university library

Praise to Allah, I still survive until this week. If I'm not mistaken this is Week 9 already. Gonna have my third exam for Biology next week (Friday). Urghhh, seriously I don't believe that. I already had two exams before, in 8 weeks. Bayangkan every class only one hour (less than one hour = 50 minutes actually) with one chapter a day. Nasib kelas 3 kali seminggu. Rasa macam tak boleh terima kenyataan, tapi itulah kenyataannya.

Today, I decided to study in the library. This was my first time went to my university library. So lame Beeha. HAHAHHAA. Because I don't really like study in the library since I was in high school. Maybe in the high school, students not really concentrate in doing their works even though, it already stated "Keep Quiet". Usually when you have a group study, it always turned out different instead. Yeahh, at first the main reason wanna has a group discussion, *kononnya* and after that, they keep talking among themselves. Mana pergi group discussion korang tu???

Therefore, I rather to study alone. If I don't really understand, I will refer to the teachers or my friends  that really good in that subjects. And the other reason I don't like study in the library because my eyes cannot focus only on what I reading. My eyes cannot stay silent. Even I heard foot steps, my eyes more attracted to that. Kadang tu, dengar kapal terbang lalu kat atas pun, mata aku dah melilau mencari kat mana benda tu. Setiap 10 minit, akan terganggu. Teruk betul. Kalau belajar kat rumah, aku tak macam ni. Habis teruk pun, tengok handphone setengah jam sekali.

But, today was totally different maybe because it was weekend. Not a lot of students stayed in the library to study. So, it's quite tranquil surrounding. Boleh tahan lah. 6 out of 10 aku punya fokus dekat library harini. Still not a good rate though. 😐

Can you guys suggest to me good tips to study?

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  1. "Understand instead of memorize"

    Tips cliché kan? Hahaha. Hermm, saya dulu pun boleh bilang berapa kali jejakkan kaki ke lib. Selalu ke sana bila nak cari bahan je. Keke.

    Anyway, good luck for ya third exam Beeha! May Allah ease everything :)

  2. Cantik betul Library tu.. Akak tak de tips la beeha..


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