New Book 2017

Assalamua'laikum 2017. 📔 Currently, I'm in USA. Still 31 December 2016, but in Malaysia already 2017. Happy New Year, peeps!

Hopefully, this year will give a lot of luck to me. 😇 There is a lot of challenges waiting for me. Get ready with the mental break Beeha. Hahha. In shaa Allah, Allah sentiasa bersama dengan orang yang bersabar. 

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  1. Happy new year! Good luck to all of us. Hihi. Yep, Allah sentiasa dgn orang yg bersabar.

  2. selamat tahun baru :)

    sudi2 la join contest Nurul ni ye :)

  3. Salam tahun baru Beeha.. Hope everything went well there..


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