30 minutes jog

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Morning bloggers! Love this hashtag from Ash --> #stayfitstayhealthy

After two years, almost two years I ignored about jogging, eating habit. I really missed my high school. Every evening, I had hockey training session with my friends. We need to maintain our stamina, so we did jog before training hockey.

And today! I start again jog. A slow starting, only jogging for 30 minutes and another 30 minutes is shooting sessionπŸ“· HAHAHAHAA.

Love this picture so much!πŸ‘† Thanks to my photographer Amalin. πŸ˜€

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  1. Dah lama gak tak jogging..
    Sekarang nie just buat senaman jalan dan turun naik tangga je..

  2. bestnya jogging cuaca macam tu!!!! teringin betul....

  3. Indahnya tempat Beeha jogging! Hihi. Suka quote di atas. So true :) Siqah pun sama nak focus on healthy :D Chiayok..

  4. I want to jog daily too but the field is so farrrrrrrr (alasan)

    // afifahaddnan


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