Welcome Winter Break!

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ASSALAMUA'LAIKUM | Happy Holiday Bloggers!! Pretty sure, every student gonna excited for this holiday. Having a break, staying at home, sleeping, watching TV, playing around with siblings, or going vacation with family. Am I right?  I'm so excited too! *even though, far from family in Malaysia๐Ÿ˜™ But, still worry about my final exam last day. How is it my grade for physic? Physics id the toughest subject ever in my life. I wanna cry. Please do pray for me, at least I get B or C. This is a must and prerequisite for me to continue the next Physics, if not I need to retake that class. Ohmaiiigadd, I don't want!

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Do pray for me, pray for my physic, pray for my grades, pray for my healthiness. ๐Ÿ˜Œ

And, do you guys have any suggestion for me to do in this winter break? I think I wanna read a book. *is it only one book you wanna read this three weeks holiday? Huh?* I do not prefer novel right now, I want a different genre. Maybe 'ilmiah' or like bussiness management, leadership personality which  can motivate me to be an independent girl, be more successful girl. Kinda like that.

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So, if you have suggestions, please comment below. Put the title of the book, and I'm very happy to find out at the bookstore near my house or just online shopping.๐Ÿ˜‡

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  1. Hope awak berjaya dalam fizik :) Siqah paling lemah fiziklah masa sekolah. Tak boleh nak bayang nanye. Hihi.

    I don't have recommendation for "ilmiah" book :) If you read one, do share review ya :)

    1. In shaa allah siqah, if I have read one, I will share.


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