3 Steps To Choose Nude Lipstick

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TIPS FOR CHOOSING NUDE LIPSTICK | Hello bloggers! 😊 I'm super excited to share these tips with all of you. Recently, nude lipstick became popular among us. 

I dunno is it I'm among the newest people that obsessed with nude color lipstick or outdated person. 🙈 *Hopefully not!* 

Why people do love so much nude color?? First, this is a simple color. Second, it is easy for you to match with your outfit of the day. Third, the nude color is suitable for any type color of skin. Yeayy! 😃 You gonna feel safe and comfortable when used this color because it is not too obvious like you wear a hot red lipstick. But, for sure you need to choose which nude color suitable for you. Therefore, for this entry, I gonna share simple steps to choose the perfect nude color for your skin. sometimes, people who have a pale lip also use this nude color to help them neutralize their lip color, maybe used an intense nude color. *I will talk more about this later*

At first, I thought the nude color is like a brown color, light brown mixed with beige. However, as you know there is a lot of nude colors! 

1. Pink nude

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2. Orange nude

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3. Brown nude

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4. Beige nude

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5. Tan nude

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Only girls can understand this. Even though, nampak color lebih kurang sama je, tapi mereka masih berbeza. I kinda love with brown nude and pink nude. *Ala ala Neelofa gitu* The problem is, my skin color is medium not as light as her skin. Jadi, pemilihan warna lipstick harus tepat dan sekata dengan warna kulit. Kalau tidak, sebab itu nampak seperti mayat hidup. Sebab I ada beli satu shades ini, I think that one is brown nude. Sumpahlaa, ingat vogue pakai warna tu, rupa-rupanya indah khabar dari rupa (sesuai ke peribahasa ini?). Memang tidak sesuai warna itu dengan kulit Beeha. I think I wanna make review for that lipstick. So, wait for this review yaa?


1. Study your face

What you have to do right now? Look at your face in the mirror. Make sure you do not wear any foundation or concealer, exactly just your BARE face. Take your time to know your skin tone either light, medium, or dark ?

✔ Light - Pale white or freckled
✔ Fair - White

✔ White to light brown

✔ Olive - Moderate brown
✔ Brown - Dark brown
✔ Black - Very dark brown to black

2. Figure out your undertone

Related image

Basically, just see your veins at natural light and see how the color it is. Are you a cool, neutral or warm? 

Yang gambar di bawah ini sekadar tambahan. Korang boleh juga baca description di bawah ini.

Image result for skin undertone warm cool neutral

So, how is it? Which is your skin undertone? 

3. Find your match shade!

And finally, this is the best part! So, you know which is your skin color and undertone color. Sorry, this below picture might not clear enough. I hope it still can be read. So, macam mana nak baca chart ini?

Korang hanya perlu tengok which skin tone korang contohnya, medium dan undrtone korang adalah cool. Jadi bermakna shades yang sesuai untuk korang adalah 1-2 darker than your skin tone. The best choice of shades are coral, pearl, and rose. Carilah lipstick yang ke arah shades ini. 

I get this from Youtube

Hopefully, these simple steps will help you guys to choose the right color that suitable with your skin!

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  1. Waah! Xsangka kena ada tips jg pilih lipstick yg ssuai dgn kita, ju slalu bantai pakai sj but yes nude colour nowadays mmg jadi pilihan ramai xkira golongan usia

    1. Yes, sis. Beeha pun baru sedar benda ni lepas terbeli silap warna hari tu.

  2. Beeha.. Memang best pakai nude mate lipstick. Sekarang ni dah jatuh cinta dengan matte hihi

    Tapi nak pilih matte, kena pandai juga. Sebab ada yang jenis melekit dan bergam.. Ada yang jenis mengeringkan bibir. Tak selesa.

  3. This helps me a lot! Thank you so much Beeha :D

  4. maybe im one of the medium skin tone with neutral under tone

  5. I love all nude colors! Thank you for sharing dear :)


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