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New Theme | Thanks to Themexpose!💗 and one of the bloggers who has recommended me to use this theme. (sorry, I forget her name 😖). Actually, I have changed my blog theme two weeks ago if I'm not mistaken. But, today I gonna reveal and give some review about my new theme. I do love it so much!😘

I think I wanna be more matured blogger. Therefore, I decided to change theme for my blog -make it professional. Of course, not flowery blog and not colorful blog. Make it simple and nice! (this is one of the tips to attract many readers). The reason is easy for the readers to read. 

Other than that, we have different range of age in this blog world, and different gender too! So, we should considered all these things. Some people might like flowery and colorful blog. Some people, do like it simple. However, some might not like an intense color. To play safe, it is better for you, me and us to make our blog SIMPLE

I do look up on American famous bloggers. Majority I think, all of them use a simple theme. Only use black and white background color. For me , it's still looks attractive tho! Looks more professional.

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👆 NOT FOR ME! Hahhhaa. I cannot live without internet. No internet, I will die. 😵 And you can't see my new entry too.

~Good Night. Time To Sleep. 10.30 from Eugene, USA~

P/S: Psst.. Heyy girls, I have good news! Maybe, the next day after tomorrow, I gonna share and do some review about my new lipstick from NYX. Sorry, I can only afford makeup from drugstore (so sad). So, stay tune for my next review!!

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  1. the new theme lookin' good beeha ! and I can't live w/out internet too *high five*

  2. Yes yes. I love your new template beeha :) Siqah suka sangat kalau blog simple dan minimal camni. Lagi senang nak baca :)

    Keep blogging. New theme for new year! Yeayy! 😍

  3. simple dan kemas! teruskan berblogging beeha :)

  4. Assalamualaikum Beeha,

    I have same opinion with Siqah..
    Senang baca dan tulisan pun besar..
    Simple and nice dear!


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