What do you think of Malaysian public toilets ?

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Hey guys, what do you think about Malaysian Public Toilets? Is it good or bad? Or none of them? Sometimes, when I really need to use the toilet but at the end I rather back home, use my own toilet.

You know why?

Worst Toilets In The World

Euwww, so disgusting. :( Ada lumut-lumut macam tu. this always happen dekat toilet berhampiran kedai makan. 

At R&R , sometimes its happened. Tetapi kadang2 ada yang tak flush selepas gunakan toilet tersebut, they left the tissue inside the hole. Ermmm. Maybe you all thought that I just pointed to the others' fault, in fact this is truly happened in our community. I didn't know if they were selfish, or they did not mean to do so.. Who knows..

But we as a Muslim, as a Malaysian, we should show good attitude because of cleanliness is half of faith. For example, for sure you guys will take care the cleanliness of your toilet home, right? So, why we do not apply this attitude too when using public toilet?

However, 80% of the public toilets are clean. Just a minor community not alert with cleanliness. Just take it easy and perfunctory.

R&R Gua Musang, Kelantan. *bersih je kan?*

Ni adalah satu contoh komen dari pelacong luar negara, sumber dari SINI.

Has the awareness of clean public toilets increased among the general public in Malaysia?

A number of visitors to these public premises gave the thumbs up when asked to comment on the move by the complexes to station cleaners at public toilets to oversee their cleanliness.

"The public toilets are clean, as clean as in five-star hotels and those located at the R & R stops along the North-South Highway," said a visitor, who wished to be known as Chua.

"The public should also be commended for practising clean habits and adopting good ethics while using toilet cubicles," he said.

A cleaner at a shopping complex here, Sahul Hameed, said he has not come across users who deliberately do not flush the toilet after use.

"There are also no signs of those who squat on toilet seats. This habit not only leaves dirty marks on toilet seats but also damages them," he added.

Are Malaysian toilets really THAT bad? Hasn't it gotten better? How has it been for YOU? We want to hear from you! Take poll on what you think of Malaysian public toilets ! Click THIS .

 Then give your opinion about Malaysian Public Toilet. :) Jum sharing2 dengan Beeha apa korang rasa tentang toilet di Malaysia, good, bad or simply disgusting? But not majority the toilet di Malaysia ni disgusting , but kelalaian pengguna toilet yang tak jaga kebersihan selepas menggunakannya. Betul tak?

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  1. waaa bangga rasanya jadi orang Gua Musang hehe xD Em saya boleh bagi 50/50 lah tandas kat Malaysia ni.Bukan setakat tandas awam je kotor,tandas kat masjid apatah lagi :(

    1. Tu lahh. Biha pun tak faham kenapa laa orang awam tak boleh nak jaga tandas mcm mana diaorang kt rumah

  2. tak banyak yang okey :( baik guna toilet kat rumah

    1. tapi kalau dh otw from penang to KL, kena jugak laa guna tandas awam..

  3. Great post. I have read another interesting post about western tourists' encounter with public toilets in Malaysia & Singapore. You should check it out too.


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