Visa Interview Experience

Hello, good evening guys! ^^ heheee. For this special entry I wanna share my experience for visa interview last Wednesday. Just sharing my experience, and hopefully it may help for those who are going to face this interview later..

Inilah pemandangan luar US Embassy di Jalan Tun Razak , Kuala Lumpur.

First of all, before we focus on my experience, lets check out what the important things that you should bring. And usually the required documents have been listed in interview appointment confirmation letter. So, you just check the list in there. ^^

What do I need to bring ?

Required Documents:
  • Interview Appointment Confirmation Letter
  • DS160 Confirmation Page
  • Original Form I-20 (for F visa applicant)
  • Fee Receipt from Standard Chartered Bank (that have unique ID)
  • Proof of payment of SEVIS Fee Receipt I-901
  • Passport
  • Photo white background only

Supporting documents:
  • TOEFL and SAT or others relevant test scores.
  • Financial statement 

Dah ready untuk interview? Heheee.

So, time appointment Beeha pukul 9.00 pagi. Which is semasa pilih tarikh interview tu just ada dua pilihan jea for F visa applicant, 8.45 a.m and 9.00 a.m. So, I just choose the last one, 9.00 a.m.. Sebab fikir kalau awal takut tak sempat pulak. Lagipun Beeha datang dari Gombak, tidur dekat area2 tu.. I tak tahu sangat area KL ni, maklumlah kita orang Penang. Ayah Beeha selalu sangat datang KL, so dia dah mahir jalan2 kat KL, nak shorcut ke apa. Then, pagi tu I tak sedar pun bunyi jam loceng. Ohhh yeah, Nasib laa ayah ketuk pintu hotel pukul 6.30 pagi. *tidur mati agaknyaa Beeha. Loceng phone pun I tak dengar.*

7 o'clock , we checked out from hotel. Okay time ni , jalan dah sesak hari bekerja kan.. But then, bila dah nak dekat dengan US Embassy tu, jalan tak sesak pulak. We arrived at there around 8.35 a.m. and we have done our breakfast. So, my father just dropped me near the gate (macam gambar kat atas tu) and he went to park the car. So, this was my first time for visa interview. I did not know anything, what I can see just a lot of people queuing near the guard house. Then, I asked the guard "Excuse me, sir. I have appointment for visa interview". Tak sempat nak cakap habis lagi, guard tu tanya balik " Ohhhh, okay2. pukul berapa appointment awak?" And I replied, 9.00 a.m. Dia cakap ouh lambat lagi adik, awak pegi laa makan dulu even though you punya appointment pukul 9, belum tentu pukul 9 boleh masuk.

*from google. Heheee*

Then, quite long my father and I waiting for my turn. About 1 hour and half we waited outside the gate. No wonder it took so long, because 400 people had the interview visa on that day. Even though, people who have their appointment at 8.45 a.m., but the clock pointed 9.30 a.m.,they still cannot enter the gate. Until the guard summoned us, we can queue up just to take the visitor pass. To take the visitor pass, make sure bring your passport, appointment confirmation letter and IC card/ Driving License Card. After that, queue again at the right to enter the gate. Cell phones, laptop or other devices were not allowed. When you entered the guard house, they will check if you bring prohibited item. 

Alhamdulilah, passed dah di guard. Keluar dari guard terus nampak bangunan, ohh AWESOME. Aku lari naik tangga. Hahaaa. Ni lawak. Aaaa, once again , kena pass through lagi scan yang macam di airport tu, what we called that thing?  Tak tahulahh. Bunyi laa pulak waktu tu, maybe because I'm wearing pin, brooch tu yang berbunyi. Luckily, guard tu tak kata apa pun, biar je Beeha masuk. Alhamdulillah. 

Then, you have to queue again. 

Submit required documents
At counter 2 or 3 he asked for passport and I-20. But, I forgot to sign at the bottom of the I-20 letter, then he just let me sign it first. 

Finger scanning
At counter 1. Bring along passport and I-20. This time, he asked my passport, I-20 also SEVIS I-901 payment receipt and proof of visa payment from Standard Chartered. Then, I have to scan my fingers.
Four left fingers, four right fingers and lastly, both thumbs. Then, he gave me a number and need to wait for the next call.

finger scanning, 100% like this.

And now, interview session ! Seriously, it make me nervous at that time. But, don't worry.. Its not a formal interview. You don't have to wear a formal suit, just looks smart and nice. Simple. And, yang bestnya the counter looks like telephone booth - have shield that divided each counter. 

Interview Session
First question that she asks me, " Where you wanna go?". Next, " Ouhh, how long are you gonna be there?". Lastly, "Who is going to pay for your tuition fees ?" Just that, less than 2 minutes I think. She did not asked for my financial statement, or TOEFL score or other else. Alhamdulillah, it was my lucky day. Smooth je interviewnya. Then, happily she said " Yeayy, your Visa is approved. Do not forget okay the passport and I-20. You need to bring this two in your handbag". She smiled, and gave back my I-20. For passport, they need to settle up that, then they will deliver to my house. Ni pun, time application Beeha dah tick untuk delivery ke rumah.. So, they will send to home. 

After finished the interview, I went out *dengan gembira lagi, siap lari lari anak lagi. Haahaa. Sampai terlupa nak bagi semula visitor pass tu. Nasib ada yang tunggu di situ perasan I keluar macam tu jaa*. Returned back my visitor pass and claimed my IC card. Settled Part 1.

Beeha , please.. Rajinkan diri untuk belajar. Placement test tak lama lagi. Okay I ni bukan budak pandai sangat, so nak kena struggle teruk nih... Pray for me. 

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  1. pun dlm rancangan nak buat visa tapi ke indoesia lah... Om tak berminat lagi nak ke negara 4 musim.. btw, beeha g study ke?

    1. Aa ahh, study kak om. :) kak om nak pi indonesia buat apa, further lagi study? ke jalan2 makan angin? Heheee

    2. yuppp nak futher study kat kampung sendiri pulak... hehehee... wahhhh beeha belajar overseas ke? how's lucky you are. Tahniah tau. Om pun tak pasti lagi nak futher study tu bila... may be end of this year, in shaa Allah..

    3. kampung sendiri? ouhh kak om lahir sana ke, atau memang family dah asal sana? Bestnya, :D.. Terima kasih kak om, doakan semoga beha ni rajin bljar. hihii. In shaa allah kak om, kiranya kalau jadi hujung tahun ni. Sambung degree lah yea? Tahniah2, beljar sampai dapat Phd kak om. :)


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