Quotes #1

DECISION, DECISION AND DECISION.  Making decision is the hardest part in my life. Sometimes , we think it is the best choice but unfortunately instead happen. We cannot regret on what we have decided because sometimes Allah test us to make us mettlesome and persevere against the odds.

Once, we decided the decision.. Moving on and do the best for the future.

This always happen to me. From my sight, I always make permanent decision on temporary feelings. At one point , I feel I want this.. Then, I trust myself I should choose this, this is my final decision. But, after one day or maybe less than 24 hour.. I change my decision. And I know this permanent decision only to fulfill my temporary feelings. I do done my istikharah and solat hajat. However, I quite not sure if I actually focus or not on my istikharah. My teacher said " Betul ke awak istikharah tu Beeha, yakin time awak buat istikharah tu awak tak berat sebelah?" , "Sebab kalau hati awak tu dah fikir yang itu, bila awak buat istikarah pun.. Awak akan terdetik nak pilih apa yang awak fikirkan bukan apa yang awak ragukan selama ini.." So, the point is, when you performed your istikharah .. Do make sure that you have no biased on what you have to choose.. Clear your mind, just focus on your prayer , do pray to Allah what is the best choice you have to choose..

Finally , thinks again either your choice will make you closer to your dreams or not. If it is make you closer to your goals, then what are you waiting for? Go , catch for it!  Put aside about what if I cannot do after this, If you have aimed your goals, no more WORDS or TERM  " I cannot do this !"

Do pray for me guys , I hope I made a right decision. :]

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