Knock Knock

Just a review about movie I watched last night, Seriously, my first impression after looked the title of the movie, I thought it was a scary movie, and haunted. But, not at all actually.

This movie was released last year, and I wanted to watch it at cinema. But unluckily, I did not have time to do so.

So, the movie started when a father, Evan (Keanu Reeves) have to settle up his work by this Father's Day weekend at his house while his wife and children have their beach trip. So, at the rainy night two nubile, Bel and Genesis knocked his door. Evan opened the door and the two girls apologize, revealing that they were looking an address of party. Then, Evan was kindly to invite them enter  the house and give them towels to dry themselves. After that, he borrowed them an Ipad to log in facebook to contact their friend.

Actually, this was suprising me. The girls have bad intention, and really a psycho people I thought. They tried to seduce Evan and talked about sex. Yeahhh, a lot censored part in this movie and I kept skipped that part. Hahahhaa. But a lot of morals from this story.

One of them, we should not allowed strangers to enter our house. This just a precaution to us , even though they were good looking, looks like kind hearted but we did not know what actually their intention. Right? And one more thing that I learnt from this movie,.. Do not forget to log out any account that we have in gadget. *but I still not changed this attitude* Because from this movie, Evan forgot to log out his facebook account. Then, he borrowed his Ipad to them. The girls, used his account to upload a video - Genesis have recorded a video during Bel and Evan having their sex. Yes, I knew that Evan not guilty in this case. He have been tied up with the two girls, and they force him to have sex with them. And he did not have other choice. Evan initially refuses, but the girls threaten to face time his wife with him in a compromising position.

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  1. Hahaa dalam list sy, movie ni is the sampah movie of the year. Sangat tak rekemen tengok. Tapi bila difikir balik barangkali sbb sy tgk by download dan belum ditapis. Masa movie ni keluar kat wayang sy dah download dah HD lagi clear version punya hehehee. Memula nk jgk tgk kt wayang sbb banner dia menarik mcm thriller benor. Tapi bila tgk lepas download, mak aihhh scene 18sx dia sumpah melampau. Kawan sy yg tgk kat wayang pun kata benda yg sama. Membazir tgk. Kahkahhh. Mujurlah sy pusing tengok Peterpan dan bukan Knock knock ni masa kat wayang.

    1. Yes kak Rrai, nasib baik laa Beeha tak tengok wayang jugak.. Mmg takdir waktu tu pergi dengan adik bawah umur.. Tengok kartun jela.. Kalau tgok wayang cerita ni, sumpah mmbazir kott.. dah laa censored part melampau2. T.T , tgok pun amik moral of the story je lahh...


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