Serum For Dry Hair

Argan Oil Rich (60ml)

Hi! Today I'm gonna share my hair serum that I bought a few days ago. Someone asked me to share that If I could find one. So, here it is. Still remember my last post about why I cut my hair? What? You didn't read it yet? So, do read this post first - Already Cut My Hair. ^^

Like in my last post, I have mentioned about my dry hair and the barber asked me to buy hair serum to reduce my dry hair. Before this, I did use Argan Oil for hair and it looks not suitable with my hair ( not 100% works on my hair). In addition, the barber said, 'argan oil' is not for dry hair, it is for scalp.

So, I decided to find a new hair serum. Then, I went to my favorite place which is Watson's. Hehehhe. I knew, I can find this kind of product at there! So, I asked laa one sis ni, "Hi Miss, where can I find serum for dry hair?" Yessszz! She pointed me this product "Argan Rich Oil-hair treatment oil". As I read 'Argan Oil', then I remembered "What? Argan Oil again? But that barber said argan oil is for scalp not for dry hair treatment". Tapi aku beli and nak try jugak. Ada tak perbezaan. Kan kan? As I saw the packaging, it written about hair treatment to give shiny hair, silky touch and so on. So, I though maybe the barber tu yang salah ni. Mostly, I see argan oil is good for dry hair. Maybe, it is also good for scalp treatment.

So, I already used this serum for twice! It really works well! I love it. Seriously, it smoothen my hair  and rambut tak kering sangat. Memang membantu sangat-sangat. And that Watsons' girl also said, this brand works the best! A lot of customers bought this product. Actually, this product is popular in Japan. Therefore, I recommended you girls to buy this product for your hair. Only RM 26.91.

Benefits of this product :
  • Repairs damaged hair such as split end and hair breakage, leaving your hair sleek and smooth.
  • Heat-protection fromula that protects  hair against the heat from hair dryer or hair curler.
  • UV protection formula that protects your hair from ultraviolet rays.
  • Gentle and glamorous floral fragrance.

How To Use Hair Treatment Oil :

1. Use this product after hair wash and towel dried.

2. Take a small amount (about 1 to 2 pumps; 3 pumps for semi-long hair) and spread it on your palm, apply and blend it completely to the mid until hair tip by combing it with fingers. You can spread it evenly if you use a comb to prevent from uneven application.

3. After that, blow dry your hair.

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  1. Aihhhh tadi time mandi terfikir jugak sedihnya rambut kering cane nak buat ni. So ingatkan nak beli ellips hair vitamin tu ke sebab tahu yg tu je haha. Tak pernah tahu ada benda ni kat watsons! Thanks for sharing dear, heading to watsons after this haha

  2. Echa guna yg hair cream punya kalau brand ni. Tp tak tahu la ada beza ke tak. Huhu. Tp rambut echa pun mmg jenis dry jugak. Hmmmm.

  3. sy x pernah cuba mana2 serum.. rasa mcm kerdilnya diri ini apabila berkaitan dgn produk kecantikkan haha

  4. My sister uses the same serum after trying mine (I have different hair serum but they give somewhat same result) and she loves it so much! :)

  5. Tak pernah Siqah cuba serum untuk rambut. Kalau dah muka pun tak pakai serum, apatah lagi rambut. Hehe.

  6. Mai tak pernah pakai serum rambut, huhu ciannn rambut terabai...


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