My Favorite 4 Pastel Colors

by - 7/17/2017 10:13:00 AM

Pastel color is a trend nowadays. I see a lot of shops and online shopping sell clothes with pastel colors. I like them so much. They are so cool colors. Sometimes, we need to subtle in playing with the colors. Not all the time we need to wear a bold color. Maybe at the office, you have to wear a proper outfit and specific type of colors that suitable for working environment.

Sebelum ni, Beeha lebih suka pakai seluar jeans dan t-shirt. Mudah dan senang! Until now, I'm still wearing jeans and t-shirts if I were lazy enough. Usually, this is my suitable outfit to go for class. If I go hangout with my friends, I typically wear blouse and jeans, or maybe palazzo with blouse. Kadang jealous jugak dengan budak-budak instafamous sekarang, boleh dikatakan 365 hari setahun, 365 outfits yang berbeza-beza setiap hari. Whoaaa! I dunno guys why diaorang begitu banyak duit untuk beli outfit sebegitu banyak. But, no wonder if they can buy those thing because usually yang famous ni datangnya dari youtube. As a youtuber, they also can get income from that. So, they can buy anything from that money. And just snap picture, and hashtag outfit of the day. Boleh jadi kan? 😏

So, stop away from this imagination. I wanna share with you guys my favorite pastel colors for now (yes, for now because I currently addicted with these 4 colors).

Baby Pink : This is my first top color for pastel. Since I was a kid, I really liked pink color. It was a bright pink though. At the age of 11,  I didn't like pink anymore. Why? Cause people always say, pink is for childish girl. So, I didn't like people teased me like that and I stopped to buy any pink cloth. But, right now pink become a trend! Mostly, is a soft pink (really really soft and I can't help myself to stop buying this color for my clothes).

Green Mint : This is also my favorite color. By seeing my blog, u would agree that I like this color so much! But, I only have one blouse of this color. Hahaha.

Nude Brown : This is my favorite color after SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia). I bought a lot of nude brown scarves. Beware boys or man, girl and woman always seeing a color is more than one. For me, they are many tones for nude brown. Even though, it just slightly different, I will buy it as a new color that I don't have yet!

Baby Blue : Yes, this is the latest favorite color. Like two or three days ago, I went shopping with my grandma and sister. I would say, three of my clothes were baby blue (and one them, it might be navy blue). I dunno how can I love blue color. Because, I was anti with that color (so close minded, because I think blue is more suitable for man).

Most of my outfits, I would prefer to wear baby blue with baby pink. It's such a good combination plus with a white shoes or sneakers. This is a favorite trend for young girl currently. I do always stalk in the instagram explorer, most young girl with this kind of outfits ﹣ wearing pastel color clothes with white sneakers and small sling bags. A suitable outfit when hangout with friends or for doing relax activities.

So, do share your favorite colors and leave it in my comment box. 😀

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  1. Okay, your thumbnail lawa, serius lawa. You pun lawa aaa jeles cennie. I love all things in pastel, semua lawa :') But my favourite colour is Burgandy and Purple.

    1. Omg, thank you puji I lebih2 ni. You pun lawa jugak. :D Burgandy is merah gelap right?

  2. Our common fav is baby pink & nude brown! But mine also rose gold - it is quite trendy lately but is it consider pastel? Hahahaha xD

    1. I think rose gold is yes, one of pastel too. Tapi kalau dpt phone ke, accesories rose gold ke, kasut ke... Masya Allah cantiknya!

  3. nude brown = my feveret, beeha.
    memang byk sgt warna tanah dlm koleksi aida.

  4. hey! haha sama! dulu masa kecik suka pink, but then tak suka pastu suka balikkk! xD
    and yes nude brown pun i suka!
    green mint and baby blue nice but i belum confident to wear these two colors ahah. /;

    1. Ehh pakai jer, warna ni warna lembut, masuk je dengan apa apa tak kisah laa skin tone mcm mana pun. :)

  5. Pastel colour memang cantik, tengok pun sejuk je mata. My fav mestilah mint green, tapi kalau nak gabung baby blue & pink.

    Kenapa gambar2 beeha cantik sangat... Pandai la edit.

  6. Unfortunately LZ not suit with pastel color..
    So I'll choose dark color..


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