Blue Sky Tag : 11 Questions

Thanks to FazrolIqbal for tagging me. I think this is the first time for this year I do this tagging post. So excited though when I saw my name was in the first list. So, I got 11 questions from Iqbal.

Here my answers. Enjoy reading guys... :)

1. Bila dapat satu kuasa teleportasi, dan boleh kemana-mana saja sesuka hati. Manakah tempat yang nak pergi. Kenapa?
Emmm 😏. Yeahh, I know! I wanna travel around the world. Yes, please!! But the first place I wanna go is Maldives.

2. Nyatakan dua movie pilihan dari negara Jepun, Amerika, China, Korea, Filipina dan Thailand.
I'm not really like to watch movie though. So, I cannot give so much example from each of these. Some of them are Alice in the Wonderland, Twilight, Police Dragons, One Little Thing Called Love, One Liter Of Tears.

3. Kalau diberi peluang untuk memilih hadiah pada harijadi. Hadiah apa yang akan diminta? kenapa?
For this moment, I'm not asking for a luxurious car or ticket flights for vacations. But, what I really want the most is a new lens for my camera. Someone please treat me for my birthday next year. 😜

4. Empat perkara yang tak disukai.
I don't like people didn't wash their plates after eating. Secondly, I don't like people burp loudly, but if I do that, it's okay. Just accidentally. LOL. Thirdly, I don't like netball. Lastly, I don't like people see notifications on my call phone without permission.

5. Pelakon favourite lelaki/wanita. 3 orang.
Syafiq Kyle, Fatiya Latiff, Shah Iskandar.

6. Apa 5 perkara yang boleh buat anda gembira?
First, if I got make-up stuff. Second is my Canon camera. Third is my blog. Fourth, when I can go out with my grandma and bring her to eat at food court (usually at Tesco because she loves sizzling mee so much). Fifth, I'm happy when I can fulfill my parents' wishes.

7. Kalau berpeluang nak menjadi orang lain dalam masa satu hari. Siapa yang korang nak jadi? kenapa?
No, I don't wanna be other person. Just be grateful who I am.

8. Satu perkara kecil yang buat korang happy gila.
One thing that make me happy is when I got a book from people. It doesn't matter a storybook or novel, even a diary book with a pretty cover, it can make me happy.

9. 5 orang yang paling penting dalam hidup.
Of course, my parents. Then, my grandma, my siblings and my bestfriend (Ainaa).

10. 1 perkara yang korang boleh buat tapi korang taknak tunjukkan. (bakat unik)
Sorry, I think I'm not a talented person. Haha. But, one skill that most people do not know about me is I can do cross stitch. I do not how to describe that. It is sort of sewing something but I do it on specific fabric with a specific thread. This is the example of cross stitch design that I meant:

11. Pendapat korang tentang blogger yang sombong? (Sila jujur... hehe)
Three words, Don't be selfish! πŸ˜‘ I didn't mean that. Haha. What can I say, everybody has his/her own right to do that. But, for sure in blogging please don't be overbearring though. Blogging is such a big community for me. If you wanna gain a lot of friends a.k.a followers, do humble and always sharing your knowledges. I did read comment randomly, or got a feedback from someone (Sorry, I didn't remember what exactly happened), but this girl got angry when she asked this gal about how to edit the blog and that gal replied, "Do find it by yourself." OMG. Is this such a good attitude for blogger huh? Come on guys, do share your knowledges. Bak kata pepatah Melayu, "tak luak pun kalau kita berkongsi ilmu."

P/S: I'm sorry because I gonna break this rule. I don't have much time to tag other people and to create questions.

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  1. Twilight! Edward Cullen �� rindu pulak nak tengok filem tu. Hihi.

    Serius ada blogger reply camtu? Sedihnyaa kalau siqah jadi orang yang bertanya. Huhu. For me, blogging adalah satu komuniti dan tempat untuk sharing. Tak perlu sombong. Sedih tau kalau tak dilayan. Sob sob ��

    1. Haah ada Siqah. Tapi Beeha tak ingat la sapa yang mengadu macam tu haritu. Bila tahu pasal ni jadi geram jugak laa. Patutnya berkongsi lah ilmu tu.

  2. Thank you sis sudi luangkan masa jawab ni. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ really-really enjoy read ur Nswers. Sebenarnya part yg paling penting adalah soalab last tu. Hmm... betul juga pendapat akak. Sharelah sikit pengetahuan tu. Takleh sombongπŸ˜’


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