Tulip Festival Oregon

Holla Bloggers!

Me and my roommate Ulfah. Sorry, I always not ready in my photo and do an ugly face. 😆 Gonna share with you guys a few pictures of tulip trip (international program) last weekend. I'm glad to get a chance to visit there. I'm fallin' in love with the tulips tho. Before this, I used to love roses. Now, I'm currently like tulips more than roses. Their colors are very attractive to me. Can I just lay and sleep with the flower? 😓

Which color do you like the most? Do comment on my entry! 😉

Looking to your eyes, my heart beating so fast. *HAHA* Happy to visit here actually. Last year, the international program didn't do this trip because of some reasons. Maybe of inclement weather at that time.

One two three! Change your pose please. *typical Beeha to make this pose* Seriously, I'm not a photogenic girl. But, I do really like to take photos. *still noob yeah. I need to learn more about tips and tricks to take photos.* I dunno when is it I like photography. I'm very sure, this kind of activity can release my stress! 😌

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  1. Red colour looks more attractive. Ya Allah semua lawaaaaa

  2. Bestnye study oversea... bilalah nak merasa duduk tmpat orang lahaiii

    Hi, jemput baca post baru AMERZING || http://ameridzuan.blogspot.my/2017/04/men-minimalist-fashion.html

  3. Cantik sangatttt!!! Dan gambar Beeha pun cantik jugak! ����

    Nak tanya, Beeha dah tahu ke macam mana nak edit IG slider macam kat blog Siqah? Maaf Siqah tak boleh tolong ajar sebab owner template yang buat kat blog. Siqah tak pandai coding ��

    1. TAk tahu laa Siqah. So Beeha just guna je IG slider yg dah ada kt template ni. But yours punya lagi nampak cantik laa. T.T


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