New Missions !

Whoaaa , I'm so excited !

Haii, afternoon guys. On what I'm really excited actually? *think, think and think

Actually , I have set a new mission for my blog 2016 !. * I'm not scolding you guys, but I'm really excited. Heee. So , what's my plan? In shaa allah, in a few days I will update more tips about health, tips for make up - good skincare, basic makeup tools and tutorisl make up maybe. I dunno why I feel so excited like this. One reason is, I do like make up but I'm too sensitive with it. Eventhough , Beeha dah ada basic2 set make up tapi tak bersentuh sepenuhnya. Baru sahaja tempek bedak compact , jerawat akan naik. So, after this, I will do more research, read more about cosmetic, skincare , makeup and I will share it through my blog . Hopefully, it will help you to choose good brand or item that suitable with your face, on how to make over your face and so on...

Second mission is for my future . Actually , I dont't really have yet the final answer for this matter. But I keep praying the best for me. I keep hoping, there will be solution for my problem. Please ...,
*biarlah rahsiaa dulu untuk siapa yang tak tahu. :(

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