I dunno how to cheer up myself :(

Huhh. So tired. Please help me. I'm in a bad mood. I feel unhappy. What can I do to cheer up myself? 

Sedih ni dah berlarutan sampai harini tak abis abis lagi. Hati ni dah berat nak blajar local jea. Mau tidaknya, exam dah banyak kali amik tapi marks still on that stage, nothing improve and sometimes just worse than before,. How to survive? come on come on. I can't find the way to solve this problem. Yeahhh.

And this night, I should prepare for my repeat test for the toefl again, and again. This is what my parents want to.... so I just do and repeat the test again. And I don't think I can perform well in this test. I dunno why? But my instinct say that way. Hohhoo. 

Its hurt my friends.. Huhuhuuu. Just stay strong, ini jea yang aku selalu ckp to myself even though sakit hati. 

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