Learn English #1

  • Over the moon
  • Meaning : very happy about something

Example :  Danny and Anna had a baby ! Danny is over the moon about becoming a father.

  • the sooner , the better
  • Meaning : say this when you want something to happen without delay

Example : 

Dentist : I need to pull out your tooth.
Patient : When ?
Dentist : The sooner, the better! If you wait, it will get more painful.

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  1. Please teacher may I go out? hehe.. teringat.

  2. The sooner the better..
    Boleh jadi tagline nie.. Haha..

    Jalan2 sini...
    Jom baca artikel baru ni..
    Jemput join ye..


  3. haha masa baca nie, bunyinya mcm comel ja hehe


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