Assalamualaikum , bloggers sekalian. Hai , this is my new blog. Actually sebelum ni dah ada blog and lama sangat tak update. And I decided to delete that blog and make a new one. So, this is my personal blog. Mungkin blog ni saya akan sharekan kisah hidup saya , yang baik boleh dijadikan teladan yang buruk jadikan sempadan. Oppps, saya tak perkenalkan diri saya lagi. Nama diberi Nuraini Nabihah binti Azman. Asal Kedah dan membesar di Pulau Pinang. Saya bukan lah anak orang berada, just low profile people. This year , umur sudah mencecah 18 tahun. Single , and please I don't like couple. HAHAHA. Kisah silam membuatkan seseorang benci untuk menghadapi perkara itu untuk kali kedua. Pecaya atau tidak? Tak penah rasa mungkin tak tahu , yang penah mengalami mesti berhati hati kan... Stop for a while,. Lets continue my biography. I started my primary school at SK Pokok Sena, Pulau Pinang. Then, continued to SMK Bakti Tasek Gelugor, Pulau Pinang for a few months only. After that, I got letter from MRSM Kepala Batas, Pulau Pinang to pursue my study at there. That was my first experience to stay in the hostel without parents and I have to be independent. I was an introvert person and kind hard for me to make a new friends. Ahahh, I was second intake at that time. Therefore, it was awkward moment when I had an orientation day but the others continued their class session.

In the class, I was the only shy person and less talkative compared to the others. Time by time, Alhamdulillah ... I managed to get along with them. Until form 5 , we shared happy and sad moment with my besties. Actually , a lot of memory we have created at the MRSMKB. And I also have a lot of story to share. But it gonna take 10 years for me to tell it again. Hahaaaa..

gambar paling buruk.

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